A Sailing Adventure

We didn’t mean to go to… Punta Ala

We set off from Porto Azzurro at 7.30am as the wind was forecast to pick up to a Force 4–5 in the afternoon and we ideally wanted to be in before that in case it turned out to be stronger. We were heading for Porto Ercole, about 35 miles southeast of Elba on mainland Italy. The sky was grey and it wasn’t very warm but we motored along with the main up in almost no wind for about three hours. All of a sudden, we saw wind ahead and within five minutes we had 35 knots on the nose and a really nasty sea. We had no choice but to grab down the main, turn round and run in front of the sea. After about half an hour, things started to calm down but it started raining really hard. Thinking the wind might just have been a squall associated with the rain, we debated whether to turn round again and head back towards Ercole, but decided instead to head for the nearest port, which was Punta Ala, almost due east of Azzurro. To cap it all, it rained for the rest of the day AND Punta Ala was really expensive! The main photo shows the stormy sunset.


Punta Ala marina (the following day). It is a huge purpose-built resort with apartments, shops, restaurants and even an artificial beach

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