A Sailing Adventure

Porto Azzurro, Elba

There are strong winds to the north and south of us, but just here in Elba we have a relatively calm patch, presumably because we are in the lee of Corsica. We took the opportunity to make a few miles south by sailing from Portoferraio, on the north side of Elba, to Porto Azzurro, which is on the southeast. We didn’t have a lot of wind today but the sea was quite big! Porto Azzurro is at the head of a large bay and is fairly well protected, although we are getting a bit of a surge into the harbour this evening. It is a lovely little town, like a mini Portoferraio with a fort, tall houses, green shutters and narrow, steep streets. Apparently, during the 19th and 20th centuries, the fort was a prison for political and mafioso criminals and the town went by the name of Longone. You can still see a lot of barbed wire and watchtowers around the perimeter of the citadel. The town has since been reinvented as a tourist resort, no doubt helped by the lovely new name!


Porto Azzurro – the harbour is backed by tall red mountains. Elba used to be a centre for iron ore mining and there are several magnetic anomalies around the coast


Rio Marina on the east side of Elba. The island is lovely and green and quite mountainous

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